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Fasteners for the Solar Energy Industry


Solar Power Stations or Solar Farms require large numbers of special Fasteners, which can be categorized into three groups:


  • Fasteners securing Structure to Foundation.
  • Fasteners securing Structure components to one another.
  • Fasteners securing Solar Panels to the Structure.


Each fastener must be properly specified based on its function, joint configuration, and environmental effects.


Fasteners for the Solar Industry should have the following characteristics:


  • Simple Installation, preferably; one hand installation.
  • External/Internal Threads Engage freely (especially when heavy coating is applied.)
  • High Speed of Assembly.
  • Use of Torque Controlled features to eliminate over/under tightening of the Fasteners, which can lead to loosening or joint failure.
  • Constant Clamp Load on the Bolted Joint.
  • Vibration Resistance
  • Thermal Effects on the Fastener and the Clamped Material can lead to loss of Joint Clamping.
  • Tamper-Proof features