Vine Engineering


Shaddy Hanna had been introduced to the Fasteners Industry back in 1980 when he received first-class training by two leading German firms (Hilgeland, and Nutap,) where he worked for ten years at Aumico, one of the largest Fasteners manufacturers in the Middle East, where he worked in different capacities ranging from design, to manufacturing and application engineering.

In Canada, he worked for 23 years at H. Paulin & Co., a renowned Fasteners Manufacturer. He progressed from a Design Engineer to the Corporate Director of Engineering.

Over the past thirty-three years, Shaddy gained extensive experience in the Fasteners industry. In addition to his distinctive Fasteners manufacturing experience, he has acquired proven knowledge, skills and proficiency in Fasteners Failure Analysis, Investigation, Corrective and Preventive Actions. He also developed comprehensive expertise in Fasteners Applications, Corrosion Protection, Project Management, and Fasteners Training and Seminars.