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Fasteners Training/Seminars

We offer exclusive Training Seminars on Threaded Fasteners.

Topics covered include:

Terminology, Definitions, Parts Geometry, Material Properties, Manufacturing Operations, Heat Treatment, Plating/Coating, Clamping Methods, Vibration Loosening, Galvanic Corrosion, Fatigue safeguarding, and types of Stresses.

Other detailed topics are available if the need arises.

Our training objectives are to prepare the trainee to be familiar with the main components of a bolted joint, and the effect of stresses on its integrity. On the other hand, the trainee would be introduced to the proper clamping methods and toque application.

Typically, trainees are design and production engineers, QA Engineers and Technicians. Such seminars are also beneficial for material managers, purchasing managers, production and maintenance supervisors.

Contact Us to discuss your Fasteners Training needs, and arrange for an in-house seminar.